Fusion 21 Award

Fusion 21 award

We are thrilled to announce our significant achievement in the realm of fire protection services!

We have secured a coveted spot on the esteemed Fusion21 Framework, specifically the national Building Safety & Compliance Framework. This accomplishment highlights our exceptional skills, knowledge, experience, and behaviours (SKEB) in the field of fire safety and aligns perfectly with emerging requirements in the building safety agenda.

Designed to meet the most stringent standards, the Fusion21 Framework is open for utilisation by public sector organisations, including housing, local authorities, blue light services, central government, education, and health sectors. Our inclusion in this framework validates our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality services and surpassing expectations in the realm of fire protection.

We take immense pride in offering comprehensive solutions encompassing surveys, planned and responsive maintenance, installation, and upgrades. With a steadfast focus on exceeding SKEB requirements, we ensure that your fire safety needs are impeccably addressed. Our expertise extends to specialised areas such as passive fire protection, including Firestopping, Specialist Fire Compartmentation Works, and Fire Door installation works.

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