Beaverwood School Roofing & Windows

Beaverwood School is a secoundary school for Girls in Chislehurst. The campus is located in a beautiful setting with many lovely buildings of Architectural Interest.

The Summer Works program consisted of;

- Carrying out New Roofing Works - An IKO designed, Insulated Flat Roofing System.

- New Rainwater Goods & Fascias/Soffits - To remove old, defective RWG and rotted timber sections and to install New replacement Cast Iron Rain Water Goods with associated Repairs and Timber replacement works.

- New Joinery - To manufacture new bespoke Window joinery to replicate existing.

- To install new double glazed sealed glass windows within existing and new frames.

- To carry out extensive Facade Repairs including Brick Cleaning, Brick Re-facing & Pointing and crack Repairs to match existing.

- To repair and re-cast bespoke concrete window Cills.

- To carry out a full external decorations program to all external masonry and woodwork.

The program was particularly challenging given the volume of works in the short Summer recess. by careful planning with the Project Manager & the School's in-house Property Manager we managed to achieve the vast majority of the works through 7 day and weekend working.

By prioritising the safety and access critical works, we successfully completed the project to the schools extreme satisfaction.

By working closely with the client consultant we were able to control costs effectively and the project was brought in under budget successfully.

H.A Marks worked hand in hand with our Joinery supplier partner, Max James of Sashpro (Joinery Workshop located at H.A Marks HQ).

Max's expertise on replica joinery and bespoke heritage window joinery was invaluable.

By careful management and employing our own labour (Carpenters, Masons & Painters) and co-ordination of specialist suppliers including Scaffolders, Roofers & Joiners we were able to achieve significant program gains whilst maintaining a very high standard of work.

Project Download: