High Street Kensington Arcade

The work comprised:

● Roof overlay works - these works were carried out during normal working hours. The membrane used was an Icopal liquid applied system to an existing flat roof. The roof had a large amount of existing extract and AC plant that had to be kept running throughout the works as they serviced the arcade shops.


● Replacement of roof lights to flat roof - there were 2 roof lights. Roof light 1 was a lantern type approx. 20m x 5m. Roof light no. 2 was an octagonal pyramid type approx. 12m in diameter and 5m tall. The existing roof lights were scaffold tented over to protect the arcade below from the elements while the works were carried out. Once the tents were in place the existing timber roof lights were removed. An internal crash deck allowed this to be carried out during normal working hours. Before installing the new aluminium roof lights the existing timber kerbs were repaired as necessary and decorated.


● Internal repair works to water ingress damaged areas - these works were dne between 11pm-5.30am. Were the existing roof finish had been leaking it had damaged the plaster work, brickwork and decorations below in the arcade. The brickwork was cleaned by hand to avoid the use of chemical cleaners and water within the arcade.


● Maintenance works to the lighting system - these works were done between 11pm and 5.30am. All existing lights were taken down and cleaned if to be reused. A number of old strip lights were replaced with energy efficient LED lights. During these works temporary lighting was installed to maintain good lux levels within the arcade. This included temporary emergency lighting.


● Replacement of floor tiling to the Arcade and redecorations We are currently liaising with London underground to agree what mitigation measure are required within the tunnel and platforms to allow these works to be started.