Embankment Station

H.A. Marks successfully completed a Tender for the Ceilings & Vitreous Enamel Station Stabilisation works for LUL. The first process of the project entailed the removal of ceilings from the ticket office complex while still maintaining the stations normal operations.


To successfully achieve this we set up control measures to dust and ventilation services. For the beginning of the contract, we operated a day and night shift. During the day, the tiles and grid were removed from the mid-concourse level.


The removed materials were then carried out by the night shift staff to waiting vehicles for recycling. District/Circle Line Platforms 1 and 2 H.A. Marks removed all of the existing ceiling tiles. This process involved using polythene sheeting on the walls and platform to protect surfaces and assets from the large amount of dust and debris present on the reverse of the tiles.


The tiles were unfixed and placed into wheelie bins for transport to awaiting vehicles at surface level. With only 3 hours per shift allowed, this element of the project was labour intensive. After each shift, the platforms where meticulously cleared and mopped down ready for traffic. The same process was repeated for the removal of grids and the installation of chicken wire to improve security in the station and avoid objects being thrown into the now open void.